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You can reach the hut after a easy walk on trail n° 101 in 20 minutes form the parking area of the panoramic street that starts from Misurina.
From the north-west side it is possible to reach the villages of Pusteria such as Sesto, San Candido, Dobbiaco. From the south and east sides you can go down to the valley of Auronzo and Misurina famous for the two lakes.
Panorama and names of the mountains:
On north side : cima Grande, Piccola e Piccolissima di Lavaredo, Tre Scarperi e Monte Paterno.
Side west: Croda dei Toni. Versant south : Marmarole, Cadini di Misurina e Antelao. Versant east : Monte Cristallo, Monte Piana e
Croda Rossa d'Ampezzo.
The Lavaredo Refuge was building in the 1954th form the mountain guide Francesco Corte Colò named "Mazzetta" one of the pioneers of the rescue on the climbing walls. Till the early fifties and also one of the grounders of the founding fathers of the Auronzo Mountain Rescue.
Thanks to his strategically location the Refuge is a very good starting point for the climbing ways of the famous Cime of Lavaredo that since the half of the 19th century attract the mountain climbers from all over the world for their terrific and wonderful rock walls.
From the Lavaredo you can be surrounded from wonderful panoramas and also there is the opportunity to visit, easily walking trough the mountain path, the others Refuges of the area. Everyone can walk or climb across the ways that were realized during the world war 1915-1918.
The Refuge is also a station of the helicopter rescue.

Open from 15/06 to 24/09
PRICES season 2023
Half board in the room: € 75.00 per person.
Half board in a private room € 82,00 per person.

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